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How to Fix / Repair Singer Sewing Machine Hook Timing

In this video i’m going to show you how to time your Singer Sewing machine with a horizontal Bobbin. Timing usually goes out in your sewing machine after the Needle and thread gets jammed. You can tell you sewing machine is out of time when you can no longer sew as the hook timing is out and the bobbin thread isn’t getting picked up. Or when your sewing stitch is starting to look horrible.
On this model of Singer Sewing machine you need to remove the bottom cover plate that is after the power is turned off. Once the cover is remove you’ll see the bar and the 2 set screws that you will need to loosen. when you set the timing the Needle needs to be in the upward motion and the top of the thread hole needs to be touching the bottom of the hook like shown in the video. You may get luck and get this in one shot or you may have to spend some time to get it perfect.

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