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Amzdeal Leg Massager for Circulation

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leg massagerleg massager

Are you thinking about gifts for friends and family when festivals are coming such as birthday, Christmas, New Year? Now, Amzdeal leg massager is a good choice!

There are 2 heating modes, 2 massage modes and 3 air pressure levels for Amzdeal leg massager. Help legs relax muscles, relieve pain and improve circulation.

leg massagerleg massager

leg massagerleg massager

2 Heating Modes

In order to promote circulation better and offer more professional massage experience, updated Amzdeal air compression leg massager supports 2 heating modes, low temperature (113℉) and high temperature (131℉). When you use the leg massager first time, it is better to use low temperature mode and goes from there.

If you don’t feel warm enough, you can use high temperature mode. It will be warm in 8 minutes. And if you don’t need the heat, you can turn off it.

In controller, green light is low temp mode and red light means high temp mode.


Power: 24W

Voltage: 100 – 240V

Material: Soft fabric

Low Temp: 113℉ (after heating for 8 min)

High Temp: 131℉ (after heating for 8 min)

leg massager

leg massager

leg massager

leg massager

leg massager

leg massager

3 Intensities

There are 3 intensities for air compression leg massager, min, mid and max. When on first use, you can start off on the lowest setting and build from there, then adjust intensity according to your feeling. Therefore, you will enjoy more comfortable massage experience.

Auto Shut off – 15 mins

When you have used air compression leg massager for 15 minutes, leg masssager would shut off automatically. Helpful to avoid overuse when sleeping at night. Also, if you want to use it again, you just need to restart it and then leg compression machine will work.

Relax Muscles, Improve Circulation

Calf massager can help you relieve muscle fatigue, circulate your calves, forearms and even feet, provide a professional level massage. So you have not felt pain any more and enjoy a wonderful day.

leg massagerleg massager

Put your legs on the correct wrap: right leg in “ R ”, left leg in “ L ”.Get on the velcro. Don’t wrap too tight, it is recommend to leave a gap that you can put 4 fingers in it.Insert the connectors into the corresponding hole of the controller. The connectors must be plugged in fully.Connect the controller to the power socket via the ac adapter.Press the power button, the leg massager will work with “ M1 ” mode and “ Min ” intensity level by default. Press the heating button to turn on / off heating function when massaging. Finally enjoy a wonderful massage.

Note: both cuffs need to be plugged in. If you only want to use one cuff, you just attach one to your leg and leave one cuff off. That would work.

leg massagerleg massager

🎁HEATING FUNCTION – Amzdeal heated leg massager adopts high quality heating cotton to obtain quick and stable heating. So you will get the better massage experience after work or intensive exercises.
🎁2 MODES & 3 INTENSITIES – The air compression leg massager for circulation supports 2 massage modes and 3 intensities. You can choose the suitable massage mode and intensity according to your need. And it is helpful to get better massage effect.
🎁ADJUSTABLE LEG WRAPS SIZE – The calf massager can fit most people with the max leg circumference 23.6 inch. You just need to adjust leg wraps size via the velcro and make it fit perfectly on your calves, arms or feet.
🎁GREAT GIFT FOR YOU OR YOUR FAMILY – Amzdeal leg massager can help you relax muscles, relieve pain and improve circulation. It is a perfect present for you or your family.

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